Yoga for True Beginners

A Progressive Yoga Program to Help You Build Confidence, Improve Flexibility, Build Strength, and Reduce Pain All in Less Than 8 Weeks

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The Complete Beginner Yoga Program is a Streamlined Approach to Learning Yoga So You Can...

Improve Flexibility

Build Strength

Reduce Pain

Increase Energy Levels

Reduce Stress + Anxiety

Improve Quality of Life

"I cannot commend you guys enough for actually having a beginner course and going at a pace someone new can handle.”


Built For You To Succeed

No More Guesswork

No more deciding what routine to do- just show up to your mat and press play! We have carefully crafted this course to progressively build on your practice each week and start from the ground up. And all you have to dedicate is less than 30 minutes 3x a week!

8 Weeks of Step-by-Step Training

This program is specifically designed so that it will NOT overwhelm you and give you information overload. Instead, it will give you a systematic method that you can follow no matter how busy you are.

On Demand Videos

Get weekly lessons, routines, and tutorials led by us (Victor and Ally). These on-demand lessons can be accessed at your own pace on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

Direct Access to Us

We are here for you and will be supporting you along the way! Ask us any questions you have via our Private Facebook Community.

Built In Accountability and Support

Check in with other members and receive encouragement from like minded individuals who are here to better themselves just like you. Victor and Ally are in the community to help and support you along your journey.

What Our Students Have to Say About The Complete Beginner Yoga Program



“Take the course- it will completely change your perspective of how you can learn yoga.”


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Meet Your Yoga Teachers

Ally and Victor are Registered 200-Hour Yoga Teachers through Yoga Alliance and founders of Yoga Rove. They have reached over 1 million people through their online platforms and have helped thousands of students through their yoga printables, e-books, and online yoga programs.

Ally is a Registered Nurse and has been working in the ICU for over 4 years. She has been practicing yoga for over 5 years, and originally started to help relieve her stress and back pain associated with her nursing career. 

Victor has been studying and practicing yoga for over 10 years along with other concentrations in myofascial release, pain management, mindfulness, and meditation.

Victor and Ally are passionate about showing others they can practice yoga no matter where they currently are in their lives. Their mission is to simplify yoga for beginners to empower them to feel confident in their practice and daily life.

“Your course has really made me see the value and importance of incorporating yoga into my daily life. ”


The process is simple...

Step 1: Roll out your mat 

Step 2: Press play

Step 3: Build confidence, improve flexibility, and feel GOOD!

Weekly Practices

Build a consistent yoga practice with routines planned out for you in progressive order to help you better implement new concepts.

Learn New Concepts

Learn a new concept each week that builds off of the last to help you systematically move forward in your yoga practice to reach your goals.

Breath Tutorials

Learn foundational breathing techniques every week that you can use not only in your yoga practice, but in your daily life as well.

Foundational Lessons

Avoid common beginner mistakes with foundational videos that cover how to avoid injury, transitioning, safety, and mindset.

The Curriculum

Wondering what's covered in The Complete Beginner Yoga Program? Here's the curriculum:

Module 1: Building Your Base

This week is all about creating a baseline in your yoga practice and learning to bring awareness to your body and inner self so you can find what works for you and feel good.

Key Focuses This Week:

  • Pelvic Tilt and Spinal Alignment
  • Being Present in Your Practice
  • Breathing Basics (inhales/exhales, how to use your breath)
  • 360 Breathing/ Equal Breathing Technique

Module 2: Establishing Stability

The root of stability in your practice- the core! Learn how to build your strength and activate your core to set you up for success.

Key Focuses This Week:

  • Finding Core Engagement (the right way!)
  • Balancing the Breath with Your Core
  • Key Beginner Yoga Tips to Implement

Module 3: Opening Up

Utilize the awareness and stability you've developed from Modules 1 and 2 to help you focus on opening up safely to release built-up tightness and tension.

Key Focuses This Week:

  • Release Tension from the Neck, Shoulders, and Back
  • Key Practices to Stay Safe in Your Physical Practice
  • Box Breathing Technique

Module 4: Grounding Down

Shift your awareness to build each movement from the ground up by connecting with the ground to feel more connected and stable.

Key Focuses This Week:

  • Finding Balance in Your Practice from the Ground Up
  • Using the Breath to Stay Focused
  • Grounding Down to Lift Up
  • Ujjayi Breathing Technique (Ocean Breath)

Module 5: Finding Your Center

Implement the concepts learn in Modules 1-4 to help you stay centered in more complex physical movements.

Key Focuses This Week:

  • Finding Neutral to Get a Deeper Stretch
  • Releasing Tension from Tight Hamstrings and Psoas
  • Finding the Balance Between Ease and Strength in Standing Postures

Module 6: Creating Space

Begin to implement more hip opening postures this week and focus on creating more space in your body and mind as well.

Key Focuses This Week:

  • Creating Healthy Space in Your Physical Practice
  • Stretching and Opening Up Tight Hips
  • Blowing Bubbles Breathing Technique

Module 7: Finding Your Edge

Learn to utilize the breath to help you go into deeper postures so you can release deep built up tension and tightness and work on flexibility. 

Key Focuses This Week:

  • Using the Breath to Find Acceptance in Discomfort
  • Implementing Restorative Poses to Relieve Stress, Tension, and Improve Flexibility
  • 4-7-8 Breathing Technique

Module 8: Putting It All Together

Implement your teachings from Modules 1-7 into well rounded practices that will leave you feeling stronger, limber, and more at ease in your mind and body.

Key Focuses This Week:

  • Building Momentum in Your Practice
  • Creating Flow Through Mindful Movement
  • Breath of Fire Breathing Technique
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“I am now motivated to get to my exercise room everyday even if it is for 10 minutes.  I feel so much more confident with my practice.”


BONUS #1: 

Lifetime Access

Once you’ve completed your payments, you automatically get lifetime access to the program. This means that the program will be there whenever you need it, in case you need more than 8 weeks to complete the program, or in case you want to do the course again in the future. (valued at $260)

BONUS #2: 

Private Facebook Community

Connect with us as well as other like minded-peers in the program to connect and encourage each other along your journeys. (valued at $200)

BONUS #3: 

Yoga for Back Pain Relief (Mini-Course)

At the end of the program, you'll get access to an online mini-course called Yoga for Back Pain Relief. This course will teach you the key concepts of reducing pain, and you'll learn simple yoga sequences you can easily integrate into your practice. (valued at $150)

BONUS #4: 

Yoga Pose Video Tutorial Library

Confused on how to do a pose? We got you covered :) Get access to over 50+ bite-sized video yoga pose tutorials with simple breakdowns and modifications that you can access at any time. (valued at $100)

BONUS #5 (Value Plan Only):

[Workshop] Strength & Fitness with Yoga

You don't need access to heavy weights in order to get strong or equipment to get fit. Learn how to properly leverage your yoga practice to meet all of your health and fitness goals. (valued at $100)

BONUS #6 (All Plans):

[Workshop] Flexibility Secrets

Everyone can improve their flexibility, it just takes the right strategy. Learn the proper techniques, tools, and what you should be focusing on in order to utilize your yoga practice to become more flexible. (valued at $100)


How to Create a Consistent Yoga Practice

You CAN implement yoga into your daily life- all it takes is the right mindset, plan, and a few simple hacks. Get access to this all inclusive training on how to turn your yoga practice into a strong habit so you can create real-life changes. (valued at $100)

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Hear From the Yoga Rove Community

 Below are words straight from our students and community members who have utilized our resources, e-books, and courses.


So many yoga instructors just assume that everyone knows all of the poses and how they are to be executed, and don’t offer suggestions on variations or guidance concerning props. Somehow I found Yoga Rove and can now begin to practice yoga with confidence! The effort that Ally and Victor have put forth demonstrates, not just their love for yoga, but their extensive knowledge, as well as their concern for the safety of others! 

Kellie W.

Thanks tons for your resources!!! I have fibromyalgia and there is very few exercises that don't cause me pain but yoga helps me and doesn't cause pain. You have really helped a lot with building my home practice and helping me become more confident in myself and in becoming a stronger person emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Thanks again!!!

Phillip N.

As a dabbler in yoga, Yoga Rove has inspired and energized my desire to practice.


I’ve tried literally everything on my way back from disability. Yoga and YOGA ROVE are my faves and the most effective tools as I moved from a wheelchair to triathlon competitor.


I just love your down to earth approach in sharing your love of yoga. Thank you for being an inspiration to myself and many others on their yoga journey. 


Before 2020, I attended a yoga class once a week. After the lock-down, I discovered your resources and have tried to do yoga at least 2-3 times a week, during some weeks even daily! Yoga Rove has been a life-saver during lock-down! It is so much more convenient rather than attending a set class at a set time. Thank you.


When I signed up for your online yoga resources I did not expect such friendly and personal informative support and the best beginner advice I could have hoped to have found.


It was really daunting to start yoga as a beginner. I didn’t know much about it except from the ones I saw on social media. Finding Yoga Rove, was such a blessing for me. I absolutely love and appreciate the resources you share with everyone. Thanks a lot ♥️


You have the most comprehensive and convenient resources. You also share in depth knowledge which shows your passion about the practice of yoga. Amazing!

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This is more than just a yoga course. Not only have I noticed my flexibility and strength has improved, but I feel more confident in my everyday life!

Try the Complete Beginner Yoga Program for 14 days and if you are not convinced it is THE program that will help you completely transform your yoga practice, you can get your money back.

"I really teetered on spending the money before signing up and even inquired about a payment plan prior to just biting the bullet and just doing it!! And I am glad I did!!  I especially appreciated the time you took to offer options and the ability to use props, and because I was in the comfort of my own home I didn't feel uncomfortable or out of place because I was not as advanced as "the rest of the class.”


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