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Create Confidence on Your Mat

Remove the thoughts of "am I doing this right?" Know exactly what to do when you get to your mat, and how to do it.

Build a Strong Foundation

Build a strong base and understanding of alignment, breathing, and how to know if you're doing a pose "right".

Personalize Your Practice

Know how to modify poses accordingly to fit YOUR body, so you can thrive in your practice on and off the mat.


Starting a yoga practice can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

If you're like most people, during your practice you might be thinking:

  • Am I doing this pose "right"?

  • What am I supposed to be doing with my breath?

  • Why can't I do this pose like that other person?

  • How can I make this pose feel comfortable for ME?

Fitting yourself into random shapes isn’t what helps you reach your goals.


It’s the process of getting into those shapes in a way that works for YOU that actually gives you results.

What if you could:


  • Feel MOTIVATED to get on your mat 

  • Know exactly how to modify poses to suit YOUR body

  • Use your breath EFFECTIVELY in your practice

  • Follow any routine and know how to customize it to YOUR needs

  • KNOW that you're practicing with alignment that's safe and right for YOUR body



All it takes is having a good SYSTEM.

Here's Your System:

Know the 6 Key Concepts

To understand alignment in a simplistic way, you need to understand a few solid concepts. We've broken it down into six:

1. Pelvic Tilt & Spinal Alignment

2. Core Engagement & Chest Expansion

3. Root to Rise

4. Neutral Hip Poses

5. Open Hip Poses

6. Breathing to Go Deeper/ Restorative

Learn the Fundamentals.

Before you even step on your mat, you need to understand some key info like how to use your breath, how to avoid injury, how to have the right mindset while you're on your mat! These are all key to a safe and successful yoga practice.


Break Down the Pose.

Imagine knowing exactly what to do when an instructor cued you into a pose or when you were practicing on your own? In order to feel confident on your mat, you need to KNOW you are practicing the poses correctly for YOUR body. There is no one right way to do a pose, regardless of what you've heard! You just need to learn how to do it right for you.


Practice Consistently.

In order to get good at anything, you need to practice consistently. Consistency = progress. Internal motivation alone can be HARD to maintain. You need external accountability. Imagine the DIFFERENCE in your behavior if you were following a program where you're supported  along your journey?


Experiment and Reflect.

Remember how I said there's no one right way to do a pose? Well, in order to find what version of the pose is right for YOU, you need to experiment, explore, and reflect. This means really getting into the pose and playing with what different modifications and variations feel like in your body.  

How the Program Works

The Yoga Foundations Course is broken down into 6 weeks based on the 6 key concepts mentioned above. Check out exactly what you'll learn below:

Fundamentals Section

Before you start the main program, we have a full section of videos where you'll learn key information like how to prevent injury, how to transition safely between poses, how to modify a vinyasa, and key beginner tips and principles.

Breathing 101

We have a full section on the breath, because that's how important it is in your yoga practice! We go over WHY the breath is so important, how to integrate the breath into your yoga practice, and several breathing techniques for you to use in your own practice.

Weekly Warm Ups

We include a weekly warm up for you to practice each week before you get on your mat to practice poses or a full routine. These warm ups were specifically created to help you gently warm up based on what you will be practicing that week.

Over 60 Yoga Poses + Modifications

You'll learn about 10 yoga poses per week with multiple modifications both with and without props, based around the topic you are learning that week to help you better understand the key concepts this course revolves around and how to implement them into actual poses.

Weekly Yoga Routines

Practice a yoga routine every week based around the poses you've learned that week so you can now implement what you've learned into a full practice. The routines are simple, easy to follow, and are all under 20 minutes so you can easily fit them into your schedule.

Full Digital Yoga Practice Journal

We include a full digital Yoga Practice Journal to use along with this program in real time. The journal includes pages for Weekly Goal Setting and prep for the week, Yoga Practice Reflection, a Weekly Recap, and customized Pose Journal Templates for all 61 yoga poses to help you explore each pose and find what version of the pose works best for you. The journal can be printed at home, or you can use it as a digital practice journal on your computer or tablet.

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Meet Your Yoga Teachers

Hi! I'm Ally, and that is my lovely fiance, Victor.

We put together this course to help you avoid the struggle I went through when I first started my yoga practice.

Over 5 years ago, Victor recommended I go to yoga because at the time I was in nursing school and was working at a local hospital and had back pain from constantly lifting and pulling patients.

When I went to my first yoga class, I was SO overwhelmed and felt like I was the ONLY one that wasn't already flexible or fit, and pretty much stumbled from pose to pose the entire class, leaving me in MORE pain when I left than when I started and just bringing me frustration.

It wasn't until I found a teacher who focused on building a strong foundation first, that I truly started to see progress in my yoga practice, and actually began to ENJOY yoga, and began to see changes both on and off my mat.

This led me to eventually going through my own yoga teacher training, and I began to realize that the concepts I learned from my second teacher and from my yoga teacher training weren't being taught in regular classes, even though these concepts are absolutely crucial to understand when first starting out.

After implementing these concepts, I now have a strong understanding of what proper alignment is, my back pain is GONE, I know how to modify poses to my body, and I can practice any routine and adjust it accordingly. I have complete freedom and confidence in my yoga practice, and I want the same for you too.

What People Have Been Saying About Ally + Victor



So many yoga instructors just assume that everyone knows all of the poses and how they are to be executed, and don’t offer suggestions on variations or guidance concerning props. Somehow I found Yoga Rove and can now begin to practice yoga with confidence! The effort that Ally and Victor have put forth demonstrates, not just their love for yoga, but their extensive knowledge, as well as their concern for the safety of others! 

Kellie W.

Thanks tons for your resources!!! I have fibromyalgia and there is very few exercises that don't cause me pain but yoga helps me and doesn't cause pain. You have really helped a lot with building my home practice and helping me become more confident in myself and in becoming a stronger person emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Thanks again!!!


The resources you have shared are absolutely amazing and have enabled me to build several yoga routines based on what I need, and to work at the pace I want to! So helpful, whatever your level and past experience of yoga, and would recommend to anyone interested in starting yoga, or even people who previously did not enjoy it, as everything here enables you to be in control of each yoga session you have!


I’ve tried literally everything on my way back from disability. Yoga and YOGA ROVE are my faves and the most effective tools as I moved from a wheelchair to triathlon competitor.


I only wish I had known about yoga when I was a dancer it would have given me the strength and flexibility I needed at that time. I have now, through your tutorials, found the form of exercise which suits my body and makes me feel fit, agile and able to look more agile for my age, which is 75 years. Yoga is for any age and is suitable for any age.


Yoga Rove is an incredibly well thought out, beautifully created resource. It's great for beginner and intermediate practitioners, and useful for teachers looking for inspiration. And the customer service is great! Thank you!


Thank you for such a wonderful resource. Your friendly approach and clear instructions are lovely and I really enjoy getting on my mat.


It was really daunting to start yoga as a beginner. I didn’t know much about it except from the ones I saw on social media. Finding Yoga Rove, was such a blessing for me. I absolutely love and appreciate the resources you share with everyone. Thanks a lot ♥️


You have the most comprehensive and convenient resources. You also share in depth knowledge which shows your passion about the practice of yoga. Amazing!

We KNOW this system works, because we've DONE IT.

Learn How to Get From Here

Get out of the zone of struggle where you're impatiently waiting for the instructor to cue you onto the next pose.

To Here

Learn how to thrive on your mat in any pose you practice, with simple modifications you can use on a daily basis.

 Join the Yoga for Beginners

Foundation Course

One Time Payment of



  • Complete 6 Week Yoga Foundations Course
  • 61 Yoga Poses and Modifications (61 videos)
  • Weekly Yoga Routines (6 videos)
  • Full Digital Yoga Practice Journal (over 70+ pages)
  • Foundations Section (5 videos)
  • Breathing 101 Section (7 videos)
  • Weekly Warm Ups (3 videos)
  • BONUS: Yoga Motivation Mini-Course
  • BONUS: Extra 6 Yoga Routines
  • BONUS: Weekly Q & A Videos 
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to All Updates and Additions

Try the 6 Week Yoga Foundations Course for 14 days and if you are not convinced it is THE program that will help you completely transform your yoga practice, you can get your money back.

Plus Get These Amazing Bonuses

Bonus #1: Yoga Motivation Mini-Course

We created this course after listening to so many of you in the community and hearing that getting started and maintaining consistency is one of the things you struggle with most.

In this course we break down how to build a strong yoga practice, how to break bad habits, form GOOD habits, get on your mat even when you don't feel like it, and turn your yoga practice into a strong habit. (Valued at $97)

Bonus #2: Extra 6 Yoga Routines

Get an extra 6 yoga practices that you can practice anytime during or after this program. The routines include Seated Sun Salutation Break Down and Flow,  Chest opening Routine, Traditional Sun Salutations Breakdown and Modifications,  Morning Wake Up Flow, Leg Strengthen and Stretch, and Bedtime Yoga Routine.

The routines are all under 15 minutes and can easily be integrated into your daily life as go-to pillar routines. (Valued at $97)

Bonus #3: Weekly Q & A Videos

I think this is truly the BEST bonus out of them all. When you sign up this time around, you'll be able to send in a weekly survey we will have at the end of each week, and Victor and I will make a NEW Q and A video answering your questions!

So if you didn't quite understand a concept, or you had trouble understanding a pose, or even if you have a question about any fundamental information about breathing, alignment, or mindset, feel free to ask away and get your questions answered. (Valued at over $200)

Bonus #4: Lifetime Access to Updates

When you sign up for the Yoga Foundations Course, you'll get Lifetime Access to all of the content and any future updates and additions we make to the program.

And we WILL be making updates and additions based on your Weekly Q and A's and what YOU want in the program!  (Valued at over $497)


Start Your Transformation

on Sept. 21

One-Time Payment of



  • Complete 6 Week Yoga Foundations Course
  • 61 Yoga Poses and Modifications (61 videos)
  • Weekly Yoga Routines (6 videos)
  • Full Digital Yoga Practice Journal (over 70+ pages)
  • Foundations Section (5 videos)
  • Breathing 101 Section (7 videos)
  • Weekly Warm Ups (3 videos)
  • BONUS: Yoga Motivation Mini-Course
  • BONUS: Extra 6 Yoga Routines
  • BONUS: Weekly Q & A Videos 
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to All Updates and Additions
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